RM's first mission partner is Musalaha, an amazing ministry of
reconciliation based in Jerusalem. Musalaha is an Arabic word which means
forgiveness and reconciliation. Musalaha is a ministry which seeks to
promote reconciliation between Palestinian arabs and Israeli Jews according
to the Scriptures, with the central theme being that Christ's atonement on
the cross and His resurrection are the only hope for the Arabs and Jews in
the Holy Land.

Musalaha's director is Dr. Salim J. Munayer, a Palestinian Christian who
lives in Jerusalem with his wife and four children. Salim founded Musalaha
in 1990. Musalaha arranges dozens of events each year to bring Arabs and
Jews together in the name of Christ. One of their most exciting activities
is the "Desert Encounter," in which groups of young men and women are
escorted into the desert wilderness using camels as pack animals, as their
ancestors did. These encounters bring forth fruit from the desert, because
lives are changed by the desert experience of reconciliation with their
brothers and sisters in Christ.